Our Mission

We are Lilium SoundArt APS, an association of social promotion formed by musicians, artisans, researchers and video makers. We are based in Padua (Italy) and we regularly travel around Europe and the world.

Our mission is to promote art, music and science. We strongly believe that dialogues and interactions between these disciplines create true beauty, valorising at the same time the peculiarities of each.

Lilium SoundArt produces videos where the skills of professional musicians are in synergy with the peculiarities of the cultural context: nature, landscape and territory in general, science and art.
Our solid scientific background and a genuine enthusiasm for innovation constantly stimulate us to undertake projects involving all research fields.

Curious? Check out our portfolio where you will find the videos realised so far!

And there’s more: if you are an artis or if you manage an activity with great potential we can help you with a variety of services! Contact us to have more information.

Support Us

You can support Lilium SoundArt by following our social pages on Instagram and Facebook, and subscribing to our YouTube channel.

To develop new projects the contribution of new members is fundamental. You can join our association with a small registration fee in this dedicated section.

If you are based in Italy you can donate the 5×1000 at Lilium SoundArt APS with the code 92298680288.

We are always open to hear new ideas, listen to proposals and meet artists and professionals of all kind. You can become a volunteer member in Lilium SounArt and actively take part to our activities!

It is also possible to donate to Lilium SoundArt APS via PayPal, simply clicking this link

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