February 2020. We travelled to NY to visit as collaborators the MoMA exhibition showcasing Neri Oxman and MIT Media Lab Silk Pavillon II. We took advantage of this opportunity to further our mission: supporting musicians and valorizing cultural venues through music videos. For this reason we met with pianist Chantal Balestri and filmed with her in a unique space in Manahattan, Klavierhaus, hosting a beautiful Fazioli Piano.

On the road we documented our travel with some music:

On the last day of our visit, we filmed Francesco‚Äôs composition, aiming to publish it a few weeks later. We returned to Venice with the very last flight to Italy, before the whole concept of travelling changed forever for the entire humanity. I could not publish this until we slowly found the enthusiasm in an idea for a personal research: what is travelling? How different do we see the world during and after our journeys? How can music be a meaningful travel companion while we walk this path called life? it’s about the people walking with you, making music”.

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